Wax Tarts

Wax Tarts

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Hand-poured scented cubes to set any mood. Like a particular candle, get it in a wickless tart! Sets the mood without a flame!!

  • Scent Descriptions

    Apple Tart: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Sweet, sugar, green apples, fresh

    Autumn Spice: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Cinnamon, apple, peppermint and nutmeg

    Black Spice: (All products)
    Masculine, spicy, clean woods, light musk

    Blue Teakwood: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Soft, sweet, teakwood, lightly floral

    Cabana Ramma: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Water, salt ozone, sweet floral, violet, melons

    Caramel Kisses: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Warm caramel, sugar, apple, vanilla

    Classic Man: (All products)
    Masculine, light, smoky, and vetiver

    Cranberry + Peppermint: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Feminine, sweet, peppermint, juicy cranberries, light

    Cozy Corner: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Warm, sweet, caramel

    Cucumber Water + Melon: (All products)
    Cucumber + aquatic + light

    Debonair: (All product)
    Masculine, musk, powder, smooth, smoky, Tonka, balsam

    Easy Love: (Candle, Wax Tart, Body Butter)
    Feminine, sweet, fruity, soft, lightly floral 

    Guava Berries: (Candle, Wax Tart, Body Butter)
    Feminine, sugar sweet, and fruity

    Oasis: (Soap, Body Butter)
    Unisex, salty sea, citrus, airy, rose, light musk

    Juniper Breeze: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Feminine, green floral, jasmine, airy, juniper and clove

    Laundry Day: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Clean cotton, herbal, floral, ozone, citrus, wood, lavender

    Lavender: (Soap, Body Butter)
    Lavender + floral

    Lemon Pucker: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Feminine, sweet, powdery, and lemony

    Mahogany Shea: (All products)
    Masculine, earthy, woody and creamy shea

    Mango + Coconut Milk: (Soap, Body Butter)
    Unisex, smooth scent, soft, slightly sweet and warm

    Nautical Breeze: (All products)
    Aquatic, ozone, green florals, breezy

    Palo Santo: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Woody, earthy, smoky, light spice

    Peachy Keen: (Candle, Wax Tart, Body Butter)
    Feminine, Peachy, sweet, light, fruity

    Plum Tea: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Feminine, citrus, plum, black cherry, amber, sugar with light musk

    Soft Iris: (Candle, Wax Tart, Body Butter)
    Feminine, fresh, ozone, powder, lily of the valley, light musk

    Soigne: (All products)
    Masculine, dark, slightly spicy, with a hint of ozone, moss

    Spa Day: (All products)
    Unisex, fresh, light, and air

    Vanilla Poundcake: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Feminine, orange, sugar, cream, fruity, vanilla

    Watermint and Clementine: (All products)
    Fresh, sliced citrus and mint

    White Sage + Lavender: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Fresh pine, burning sage and lavender

    Winter Woods: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Light, spicy, pine, ozone, slightly sweet