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Scented Lux soaps are hand-crafted using amazing natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil. We do not use any detergents, additives, preservatives or dyes in our soaps. 

Our soaps are also 100% vegan and palm free; made with, natural oils, and silky butters. Lux soaps are Cold-Processed to ensure a high-quality true soap.

  • Scent Descriptions

    Apple Tart: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Sweet, sugar, green apples, fresh

    Autumn Spice: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Cinnamon, apple, peppermint and nutmeg

    Black Spice: (All products)
    Masculine, spicy, clean woods, light musk

    Blue Teakwood: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Soft, sweet, teakwood, lightly floral

    Cabana Ramma: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Water, salt ozone, sweet floral, violet, melons

    Caramel Kisses: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Warm caramel, sugar, apple, vanilla

    Classic Man: (All products)
    Masculine, light, smoky, and vetiver

    Cranberry + Peppermint: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Feminine, sweet, peppermint, juicy cranberries, light

    Cozy Corner: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Warm, sweet, caramel

    Cucumber Water + Melon: (All products)
    Cucumber + aquatic + light

    Debonair: (All product)
    Masculine, musk, powder, smooth, smoky, Tonka, balsam

    Easy Love: (Candle, Wax Tart, Body Butter)
    Feminine, sweet, fruity, soft, lightly floral 

    Guava Berries: (Candle, Wax Tart, Body Butter)
    Feminine, sugar sweet, and fruity

    Oasis: (Soap, Body Butter)
    Unisex, salty sea, citrus, airy, rose, light musk

    Juniper Breeze: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Feminine, green floral, jasmine, airy, juniper and clove

    Laundry Day: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Clean cotton, herbal, floral, ozone, citrus, wood, lavender

    Lavender: (Soap, Body Butter)
    Lavender + floral

    Lemon Pucker: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Feminine, sweet, powdery, and lemony

    Mahogany Shea: (All products)
    Masculine, earthy, woody and creamy shea

    Mango + Coconut Milk: (Soap, Body Butter)
    Unisex, smooth scent, soft, slightly sweet and warm

    Nautical Breeze: (All products)
    Aquatic, ozone, green florals, breezy

    Palo Santo: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Woody, earthy, smoky, light spice

    Peachy Keen: (Candle, Wax Tart, Body Butter)
    Feminine, Peachy, sweet, light, fruity

    Plum Tea: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Feminine, citrus, plum, black cherry, amber, sugar with light musk

    Soft Iris: (Candle, Wax Tart, Body Butter)
    Feminine, fresh, ozone, powder, lily of the valley, light musk

    Soigne: (All products)
    Masculine, dark, slightly spicy, with a hint of ozone, moss

    Spa Day: (All products)
    Unisex, fresh, light, and air

    Vanilla Poundcake: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Feminine, orange, sugar, cream, fruity, vanilla

    Watermint and Clementine: (All products)
    Fresh, sliced citrus and mint

    White Sage + Lavender: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Fresh pine, burning sage and lavender

    Winter Woods: (Candle, Wax Tart)
    Light, spicy, pine, ozone, slightly sweet